GUDEG The Most Popular Food from Yogyakarta

Since many years ago, gudeg, traditional food made from young jackfruit, has been the most popular food in Yogyakarta. Not only in ‘gudeg center’, can you also find this food in every part of the city. Dried gudeg becomes the most wanted gift from Jogja.

If New York is called as "Big Apple" and Jakarta as "Big Durian", Yogyakarta is possibly called "Big Jackfruit" because of the well-known gudeg. Gudeg becomes a main menu for those who visit Java Island. Gori (young jackfruit) is cooked together with coconut milk and many spices for hours. After it is done, the gori will taste sweet. Gudeg is usually served with hot krecek (cow skin), telur pindang (egg), tahu and tempe bacem (soya cake), ayam opor or bacem (chicken), and areh gurih (coconut milk dressing) that give special sensation when you eat it.

The Gudeg Center in Wijilan and Barek

Gudeg can be found in every place in Yogyakarta, but Wijilan and Barek are the most famous areas as Gudeg center. Wijilan is located not far from Keraton Yogyakarta (the Palace of Yogyakarta) and can be reached by becak (pedicab) or 10 minutes walking. Initiated by Bu Slamet who started to sell gudeg in 1946, now there are more than 17 gudeg restaurants in Wijilan. You can choose it as you wish, for example Gudeg Yu Djum that serves gudeg kering with sweet taste as other traditional food from Yogyakarta. The krecek is cut into dice and cooked as sambal goreng (food that is cooked with red chili and coconut milk). If you want gudeg with a bit sweet taste, you can visit Gudeg Bu Slamet (+62 274 380429 on Wijilan Street 17). Gudeg restaurants in this area usually open at 5.30a.m to 8p.m except Gudeg Bu Tarto (Wijilan Street 15) that opens for 24 hours.

If you are on the north side of Yogyakarta, you can visit an area near Gadjah Mada University called Barek. Every day early in the morning before the sun rises, you can find many gudeg sellers in this area. However, when the morning comes, they will tidy up their load. But you can still find the famous Gudeg Bu Ahmad (+62 274 520049) on Kaliurang Street Km 4,5, Gudeg Yu Djum (+62 274 515968) on Kaliurang Street Km 4,5 Karang Asem CT III/22, Yu Narni (+62 274 589687) on Kaliurang Street Km 4,5 Karang Asem CT III/19, or Bu Tini that opens until night. These restaurants also allow you to see the process of gudeg making directly.

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