Yogyakarta Batik Museum

Yogyakarta Batik Museum is located at Jl. Dr. No. Sutomo. 13 A Yogyakarta and was established on May 12, 1977 at the initiative of the family Hadi Nugroho. Still the most attention from the public, including foreign tourists in batik, encourage this family pioneered the collection of batik fabrics. Starting from his own relatives, parents, grandparents and Hadi own generation, until the pioneering efforts carried a batik museum.

Batik Collection at the Museum is very complete. Various types of batik from various regions in Indonesia is here, ranging from Yogyakarta Batik, Indramayu, until the regions other Indonesian batik craftsmen. The collection includes long cloth, gloves and so forth, which until now has reached the amount of 400 sheets of fabric plus some equipment. Is the oldest collection of batik work in 1700's.

Apart from the collection of batik, Batik Museum is also a good collection of hand embroidery. Extremely diverse collection of hand embroidery and even the museum never received an award from MURI for the greatest works of embroidery, namely batik cloth measuring 90 x 400 cm ² and a year later the museum was awarded a plaque from the same institution as the initiators of the founding of the first Embroidery Museum in Indonesia.

Currently the Museum is managed by the Mother Dewi Sukaningsih or more fondly called by Oma Dewi. Oma Dewi is also the maker of hand embroidery is very beautiful because it looks real with the original photo. However, although the museum has assets here and a culture that is even recognized by the world, as well as the management of government's role is still lacking. This makes the museum is still less developed and known by the public.

Routine museum is a permanent exhibition in the museum are open daily from Monday to Saturday, at 9:00 to 15:00 pm. Access to the location is also very easy because it is located in the city center close to the bridge Lempuyangan. Roads and parking locations broad makes it easy to visit the museum with all kinds of transport ranging from motorcycles to four-wheeled vehicles. In addition, if you're lucky, visitors can see first hand the process of making batik at this museum.

Address Museum Batik Yogyakarta. Road DR. Sutomo 13 A, Yogyakarta, Phone. (0274) - 562 338, website http://museumbatikyogyakarta.com

images and content sources www.gudeg.net

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