Towards the grand event of marriage GKR Pawiwahan Supreme Bendara and KPH Bendara which will be held on Tuesday, 18/10 Jogja TV Television also serve as official supporters of the program is a historic moment. These programs are a series of programs about marriage knick-knacks and KPH Yudanegara GKR Bendara titled "Mahargya Pawiwahan Agunng". All programs around the knick-knacks wedding will be aired every day from 10/10 until 15/10 at 18:00 pm for 30 minutes.

First on 10/10 Jogja TV will explore the profile of clothing that will be used by the bridal couple. Both the 11/10 viewers can watch the dances that will be displayed at the wedding reception and dance Bedhaya Manten Beksan Lawung Jangkep. Third Jogja TV will air coverage of the wedding location and event flickering ngiring bride is GKR Bendara cycling coverage and KPH Yudanegara of North Square Monument to Yogyakarta on 6 / 10 nights. Next is an exclusive interview with GKR Bendara on 13/10. While at the date of 14/10 impressions about 5 pieces of Kraton and horse carriage collection that will be used in a wedding procession. Finally, supporting the Great Pawiwahan program will close with a special 60-minute talk show program Pawiwahan program Terrace Court in Yogyakarta on 15/10 at 17.00 pm followed by coverage of the bride Paes to be used.

So do not miss the live broadcast every day on the Great Pawiwahan 16/10-18/10. Only in Jogja TV, no tradition Stop UHF channel 48 or via live streaming

Thanks for reading this article Jogja TV Broadcast Directly MAHARGYA PAWIWAHAN AGUNG and You had already participated to maintain and preserve the ancestral cultural heritage

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How does Numerology work?

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