Sendratari Ramayana [ Ramayana Ballet]

Ramayana is the story of Ramayana performances that combine dance, drama, accompanied by traditional music of Java. The show was held at Prambanan Temple, in the District Kalasan, Sleman regency. Precisely on the West side of Prambanan Temple, which is separated by the River Opak.

There are two performances locations, namely at the stage of Trimurti (indoor), and the open stage (outdoor).

If you watch the stage Trimurti, all the fragments is shown intact in all performances. Meanwhile, at the open stage, showing only one fragment in one show. Trimurti capacity on stage as much as 350 visitors, while at the open stage can reach three times that.

Open stage performances offer a more colossal (the number of dancers who are two times more) than the stage Trimurti. You who like to show in detail, can choose an open stage. However, weaknesses, performances at the open stage may be suspended at any time if it rains.

Actually, all the material covered in the story enough so performances on stage Trimurti. So, if your time is limited, choose a covered stage.

Time to stage performances Trimurti is determined as much as 12 to 14 times in January, February, March, April, November, and December, every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. As for an open stage for four consecutive days in mid-May through October.

Prambanan Ramayana Ballet show prices as follows:

Prambanan open stage
VIP: Rp.250.000, -
Special Class: Rp.175.000, -
Class I: Rp.150.000, -
Class II: Rp.75.000, -

Stage closed Trimurti
Special Class: Rp.175.000, -
Class I: Rp.150.000, -
Class II: Rp.75.000, -

Prambanan Theatre
Jalan Raya Yogya - Solo Km 16 Prambanan, Yogyakarta 55571, Indonesia
Phone: +62 274 496408, Fax: +62 274 496408

Thanks for reading this article Sendratari Ramayana [ Ramayana Ballet] and You had already participated to maintain and preserve the ancestral cultural heritage

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