Javanese Traditional Clothes

Javanist is a type of Javanese clothing since ancient times, the kingdom of Demak, Mataram kingdom until this time. This outfit consists of pants pennants (cinden), clothes surjan, kebayak, teni or blenggen, iket blankon, kemben, kuluk for the ceremony the king with his ministers and others.

Surjan is the traditional dress of men everyday Javanese and ceremony that comes blangkon and bebetan. As for the princess use or Jaritan Kebaya.

Mesiran, most of the traditional clothing of this type is used to describe the atmosphere of the origin of the user. These clothes come from Middle Eastern countries and is still used, especially in events ketoprak. Clothing consisted of gombyor pants, long shirt, rumpai, robes, udel, Simbar bludru made of embroidered fabric.

Basahan is a type of traditional clothes with a combination of clothing Javanist Mesiran. Usually dipegunakan by the guardian or dance performances can be seen when Menak story.

Gedhog, clothing consists of tropong, diadem and sumping, brown shoulders, etc.

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